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Lanzarote is a unique place in the world. A place where farmers have known how to transform the ashes of the volcano into a fertile field for growing vineyards. A landscape where a singular and unique grape is grown, the volcanic malvasía that produces the indisputable wines of Lanzarote, these plantations establish a unique landscape beauty in the world that resembles a lunar landscape.

The grapes are grown in excavated holes called socos in the black volcanic ash called picón, and they are protected with small semicircular walls of volcanic stone that shelter the plant from the sun and the constant wind. There are also areas where trenches are dug. It should be noted that the volcanic stone retains the moisture of the earth, which is very important taking into account the scarcity of water for cultivation on the island.


An underwater winery

In the Canary Islands, multiple ocean currents coexist, giving rise to a curious phenomenon, which consists of the rise of cold waters from the seabed.

hese currents and cold temperatures create magical conditions in its waters and that is where Nautilus has undertaken this beautiful project where they unite the volcanic land of this particular island with the vibrant Atlantic Ocean, to make a dry white underwater volcanic Malvasía wine,an excellent wine with unique characteristics in the world..

Wine made from the volcanic Malvasía grape is the most characteristic product of the island of Lanzarote.

UNDERWATER AGING consists of submerging the wine in the ocean, where it ages, adopting unique organoleptic characteristics due to several factors:

• A constant temperature with very few variations, much better than those found in traditional underground cellars.

• 100% humidity.

• The movement of the sea with its currents and tides affects underwater wines considerably.

• Under the sea there is an anaerobic environment with a lower presence of oxygen and oxidation as well as a reduction in light and noise.

• Underwater pressure is a factor that has not been scientifically proven but seems to be one of the relevant reasons.

All of this leads to a production of more dynamic wines, with very different evolution and aging.

Underwater Volcanic Malvasía

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